Who Am I?

Who am I?  Truth is, I’m no one special compared to you.  Whoever you are, in your life, you are immeasurably more important than I am.  I’m just some dude who started writing a blog as a way to keep his goals for 2013 on track.  All I want is for you to find inspiration and share it; make 2013 YOUR year.

From my surprise 30th birthday party.

From my surprise 30th birthday party.

If you must know more about me, here’s a basic primer:  I’m a early-thirtysomething father of three who owns his own sales business.  I am blessed to have a wonderfully supportive wife who is a fantastically creative blogger in her own right.  I have two large dogs, drive a late model sedan, and tip a few back with the boys when I can.  In short, I’m everyman.

New Zealand

Need more?  Really?  It doesn’t matter, but if you’re the curious type, then here goes.  I moved overseas (New Zealand) right out of college on a whim.  Spent the better part of three years there before I was kicked out of the country for overstaying my welcome once my work permit expired.  I started my own small sales distributorship shortly after my return stateside, Wisconsin to be exact.  I play rugby and, until this year, semi-pro football.  I crave adrenaline and love to push my body to its limits.  I completed a Tough Mudder in 2012 and will be going back for more torture in 2013.  I tried out for Masterchef Season 3 on Fox last year, and cooked my way into the television show.  Unfortunately, the love Gordon Ramsey showed me wasn’t reciprocated by the other two judges.

I found myself becoming more and more hooked on my phone & iPad as the past year progressed, and discovered I was wasting my life doing absent-minded crap.  I wanted to regain discipline and structure and focus in my life.  So as I began making a list of goals for the upcoming year, I decided to go “all-in”.  Hence, this blog.   All I want out of this is to become a better man this year.  All I want for you to get out of this is the occasional laugh and, hopefully, some inspiration.

This is my journal.  I hope it inspires you.  Make 2013 your year.

Make 2013 Your Year

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