Day 60: Cook Your Rice


Today marks day 60 for this journey.  A journey that, 66 days ago, I had not yet conceived of.  Earlier this afternoon I had a conversation with a coworker who asked the inevitable question: Why?

I responded with the sentence has become my rote answer:  Because I want to. 

Isn’t that enough?  I’m doing this because I want to. 

I want to learn more. I want to be stronger, faster and in better shape.  I want to be more cultured.

I just want to be better.

There was certainly no better time to start this than the present.  And to be perfectly honest, I was afraid that if I didn’t start, I would find a way to explain the delay, then re-sell myself on that excuse over and over and over.  Eventually I would be looking back at a wasted opportunity.  I’ve had enough of those in my life.  It was time for no more regrets.

I heard this Chinese proverb today:


Where are you today?  Are you cooking the rice?  Or are you talking about cooking the rice? 

Listen, I’m not a motivational speaker.  I can’t pump you up enough to run through brick walls.  I’m not going to increase your company’s bottom line by 150% with Five Magic Words.  I’m just a schmuck from Wisconsin who happens to be opening up and sharing his journey with you.  The best I can hope is that, somewhere along the way, you’ll be motivated to make one day better than the last. 

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Quick Blast:  I think I already mentioned that I finished Dracula.  I’m now continuing to work through How to Win Friends…, as well as started Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.  I cooked a second dish this week, but wasn’t happy with the result, so I will cook it again and again until I feel I have it mastered: salmon cakes.  We haven’t had any new birds appear in the backyard, so no news to report.  I begin karate next week, and have managed to workout every day since last reported.  I clocked in another mile today.  My M.O. appears to be currently to knock out a mile every other day.  Until the weather breaks and I can get outside, I’m ok with that.