Day 10, Nearly Up and Running

So here’s a little “Inside Baseball” for you…I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this blog until two days before the New Year.  I was afraid that by putting myself out there like this, I would risk a more public failure.  Which is kind of funny because I failed spectacularly on national television last summer and I’ve never really cared about making a fool of myself.

But this, this is different.  This is more personal.  This is deeper.  This is far more meaningful for me.  This is about bettering myself, and that’s about as raw and exposed as you can be.  So I thought about whether or not I wanted to follow through with it and ultimately decided that it would help push me and motivate me to be that better person.  Without great risk there can be no great reward.

Why am I explaining all of this?  I’m telling you why I didn’t have the groundwork laid to do this properly.  I’ve been attempting to work on a Twitter account and Facebook page this entire time, as well as flesh out the pages and widgets and menus and design – yada yada yada -of this blog.  Today, we’re nearly there.  This weekend I plan to release my Facebook creation into the wild as well as publicly kick my Twitter account out the door and tell it to get to work.  Ooooh, exciting!


Today was the first day off of the Detox.  I actually felt a little guilty eating a real breakfast this morning.  The wife and I laughed about it, and we both commented on how that brief three days opened our eyes to a lot of crap we normally ingest.  We’re generally healthy eaters, I do a LOT of home cooking (my other blog: CatharticCuisine), support a local CSA and choose organic when financially-feasible.  Nonetheless, even being “healthy”, we’re not truly healthy.  Yes, it’s a sliding scale, but you don’t know how much you don’t know until you know what you don’t know, you know?

So, before I even had a cup of coffee this morning, I had another cleansing drink: homemade lemonade with fresh squeezed ginger.  Essentially, you drink 12 oz of water with a half lemon squeezed into it, then grate a 1/2-inch cube of ginger and squeeze the gratings to get the juice into your cup.  (Aside: I had no idea you could squeeze ginger and get juice, but it’s true!).  It’s tart to wake you up, the ginger is a powerful detoxifier that can kick start  your system, and if you like lemonade, it tastes great.   I’d like to do this every morning that I can, if nothing else.

One of these every morning. Easy and delicious.

Morning Go Juice

12 oz water
1/2 squeezed lemon juice
1/2-inch cube ginger root, grated and juice squeezed into cup


The big news of the day is that I can place a start date on another of my Skills Goals:  becoming proficient with my handgun.  We bought our handgun today, and after the 48 hour waiting period, I will have it on Friday.  I’m going to talk more about this, specifically gun safety and how we will be diligent with the firearm in a house with children (who will never know we have one), but I’ll save that for a later date.  Rest assured, this was not a decision we made rashly.  It’s been something that the wife and I have mulled over for months.   I grew up around guns, learned to respect them at an early age, and intend to instill the same respect for a weapon in my children.

Other Goal Updates: Ran 2 miles yesterday on the treadmill, along with the standard quick workout of 50 pushups and 4:00 of wall sits.  Got in some light weights today.   Still working on Captivating.  

As always:   This is my journal.  I hope it inspires you.  Make 2013 your year.