Day 34, Lessons from Super Bowl Sunday

With 4:19 remaining in the Super Bowl, I’ll keep this brief.

Quick story to relay.  My daughter told me a great lesson tonight as we were watching her new favorite bedtime cartoon, Tinga Tinga Tales on Netflix.  (The girls get one cartoon at night right before bedtime to settle them down from their toddler terror states).  It’s a animated series from Africa that tells stories about how animals came to be as we know them…think Aesop’s Fables meets the African continent.


Anyhow, tonight’s story was how porcupine came to get her quills.  As it turns out  porcupine once had the softest, loveliest coat of all the animals, but she tired of caring for it.  Jackal desired her coat and tricked her for it, but it turned out to be better for porcupine, who discovered that a coat of prickly quills suited her needs better.  I asked my daughter what she learned from the cartoon as we were getting ready to head to her room, just trying to make conversation.  Her response startled me:

“Sometimes good things come when you don’t know it.”

First of all, when did she get to be big enough to understand this?   Second of all, how poignant is that?  

A three-year old just reiterated a wonderful lesson to me, and I’m so glad she picked up on it!

The other quick lesson I want to reiterate comes from a commercial that aired during the game tonight.  I’ll post the link to the video.  It’s a funny commercial about a young high school kid who finally gets the guts to do what he wants to do on prom night, namely kiss the prom queen.  The tagline?  #BraveryWins.

The lesson tonight?  You won’t get your dreams unless you have the guts to chase them through thick and thin, because you never know when the thick is really the thin in disguise.  (Or something like that).

Go out and chase your dreams.  Kick some ass in 2013.  This is YOUR year!

As always: This is simply my journal, nothing more, as I try to better myself.  I hope it inspires you to focus on yourself somehow.  Make 2013 YOUR year.
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