Links to Others Getting Better

Here’s a list of other folks who are making 2013 THEIR year.

The Facebook Site      |      The Twitter Feed – I came across Evan’s blog shortly after starting mine.  He’s been on a similar crusade since 2012, and is far more eloquent with words than I.  Evan’s got a book coming out soon about his journey so far, and his site is a wonderful recharge whenever I get complacent. His Facebook

WhenTheGirlMeetsWorld – Niki has a fantastic list of 213 goals for the year that she is working towards accomplishing.  And they’re great!  I mean, really, who doesn’t want to make a 3AM diner stop sometime, write a letter to their hero, make their own infused vodka, or learn to play poker?  I’m eagerly following her site.  PS, Niki, I can help you with the poker. 🙂  Her Twitter

Do you have a site you want to see added?  Contact me and tell me about it.

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