Day 148: Single Dad Project Day 2

It’s difficult enough to write a quality blog post, all the moreso to do on an iPad. This is exactly what I am left with this week, as the wife took the computer to Detroit with her. So this will be short and to the point.

Today was another challenge, but I made it through alright. Mornings are always toughest, because the baby’s nap schedule means we have to get right up and get right into it. Breakfast, potties, clothes changed, and almost immediately put him down for a nap. However, this gave me time to plan the day. I helped the girls get their puzzles out as he was sleeping, then packed lunches, made a shopping list, and got the car ready. Around 10:30, he was up and we were out the door like lightning. Several stops later, including lunch in a park, we had a bike with training wheels to set up and a very, VERY excited oldest daughter!

Today was a proud daddy day. Not only did she take to the bike like a natural, but after a few times around the driveway, I heard “Hey Dad, look! No hands!” Yeah, her first time ever on a bike and she’s already a daredevil. 🙂

I learned something today, however. Well, two things, actually. One, to do this job requires two people. I don’t know how I could possibly manage the parent side of things while also being expected to earn money as I have done. More power to working single parents for what you do, yet there is some truth to the idea that kids need a pair of parents.

Secondly, never underestimate the power of a reward. Yes, we know this almost implicitly as adults, but today was the first time I’ve ever seen my daughter go out of her way to listen, behave, and do everything I asked, because she knew she would get to ride her bike later. I don’t kow how long this might last, but I want to instill the concept of achieving rewards and goals in her, so this seems like as good of a chance as any.

That’s all my wrists can handle. Have a great night everyone!


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