Day 139: Red Robin’s Blue Moon Shake (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)

Call this another dish for the “12 Dishes to Master” list.  My wife had this shake while out for dinner a few weeks back and was craving another tonight.

The windows are open and we’re sitting on the front step.  The heat is still lingering an hour past sundown, the birds are chirping and the humidity is tolerable.  Off in the distance, there are a few dim flashes of lightning as summer thunderstorms roll angrily across the horizon.  As we laze and soak up this fine summer evening, I’m proud to say I think I’ve cracked the recipe for the Blue Moon Shake from Red Robin.


Photo from Red Robin. My styling would not be as gorgeous.

How I made mine (tip: You’ll need an immersion blender).

Cointreau Orange Liquer
Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Beer
Orange Juice
Vanilla Ice Cream

Place 5-6 good large scoops of ice cream into a tall glass.  Add one shot of Cointreau, half a bottle of Blue Moon, and a splash and a half of orange juice.  The exact amount of orange juice varies according to your taste, so play around.  Submerge the immersion blender in the glass and blend until creamy.  Top with whipped cream, if desired.

Another tip…chill your Cointreau, orange juice and beer together in the refrigerator so that everything is cold.  This will help make sure you wind up with more of a shake than a cold juice mix.

Final tip…Use quality, full-fat creamy ice cream to achieve the perfect taste.


As always: This is simply my journal as I try to better myself. I hope it inspires you to focus on yourself. Make 2013 YOUR year.
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