Day 78: “Pretty Good With the Bo Staff”


This is a gi (uniform).  I don't have one.

This is a gi (uniform). I don’t have one.

We busted out the bo staffs in karate class tonight.  NERVE WRACKING!  I’m the only student in class without a belt.

The next lowest belt in class is an 11-year old girl with a green belt!  In case you’re wondering, let’s just say that makes me the newbie by several years, despite having two decades of age on her.  I don’t even have a gi…I train in scrub pants and a long sleeved shirt.  Ergo, I have no business going up against my classmates when they have a weapon in their hands.

However, that left me with only two options.  One, sit it out.  Miss class.   Fail to learn something.  Not have any fun.

Or two, participate.  And when you participate against people swinging 7 foot hunks of wood in your direction, you better be fully participating!  No half-trying or going slow.  I needed to be focused, rely on my athletic skills, and react as best I could.


How’d I do?  Well, I made it out of class without any injuries!  Granted, we weren’t actually sparring with each other, but those things pack a punch even if you’re just practicing blocking one another.

“That’s all well and good, brosef, but what’s your point?”

My point is this: You can’t be afraid to try new things just because you might be the only one who doesn’t get it.

And this:  If you’re going to try something new, give it everything you’ve got.  Otherwise, you’ll end up getting hurt.

Oh, and I guess this:  If you’re new to the bo staff, don’t expect to have skills as sweet as Napoleon Dynamite.

Had I not tried, I wouldn’t have had fun.  Had I gone half-speed, I would have wound up with a bruise or three.  Had I gotten a bruise, I might not have tried it again.  I enjoyed the heck out of myself in class tonight.  I never would have learned that, in all honesty, my hand-eye coordination from all my years of other sports lend themselves very well to using a weapon.  I’m actually pretty good at it.  For a beginner.


You never know what you’ll discover when you try and try hard.

What are you failing to discover?

As always: This is simply my journal as I try to better myself. I hope it inspires you to focus on yourself. Make 2013 YOUR year.
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