Day 39, [52PWM] #3&4 – The sibs

[52PWM] = 52 People Who Matter to Me


I love these guys.

This is my brother and sister, a few other very important people in my life.  We grew up very close together.  My family moved often and I never really put down roots.  My father’s job kept us transferring every two or three years, so the only constant friends I developed were my siblings.

I’m the oldest of the three.  Two years separate myself and my sister, and two more are between her and my brother.  We were, and still are, extremely close.  I’ve spent more nights discussing life, the finer points of euchre, and all manner of trivia from A to Z with these two than anyone but my wife.


When I was going through my divorce, the first two people to hop on a plane and come visit me in New Zealand were these two.  In fact, the picture above was taken the night before the three of us jumped out of an airplane.  We spent a week with no plans except a car with a full tank of gas and a map of the South Island.  To this day, some of my best memories not featuring my wife and kids are from that week.

We share a lot of similar interests, including our love of participating in sports.  My brother is the most gifted athletically of the three of us, with my sister a close second.  All three of us played multiple sports growing up, in high school, and in college, and all three of us will compete to this very day given a ball, time and space.  We also generally dominate in Trivial Pursuit, and if you add my wife in the mix, we’re nearly unbeatable in Team Trivia.


We’ve been known to do some crazy things when we put our heads together, and I’m sure my parents, wife, and several other family members would say that’s happened more than they’d care to admit.   Many times, my sister played the role of caretaker while my brother and I caused havoc, but not always.  In fact, the two of them share a set of scars from a particularly violent game of ice hockey in which I sat out.

Alongside those scars, there were broken bones, jammed fingers, hair pullings, black eyes and not a few scrapes and bruises.  However, there were infinitely more laughs, crazy haircuts, goofy faces, Christmas mornings and memories, all of which outweigh any of the bad times.

I’d love to say that all they’ve done is copied their big brother their entire lives, but truth is, I’ve learned as much from them as they have from me.  There’s a very likely chance that I wouldn’t be here today were it not for these two.  For that, and for so much more, I want them to know that they’re very important to me.

Crazy ugly pictures and all.


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