Day 17, Come Along for the Ride


Well, it’s now officially time to put myself out there.  The Better Man in 2013 social  media machine is being set in motion, meaning there is no going back on this commitment now.

I’ve “finished” the Facebook page and the Twitter account.   I don’t have a G+ account  (should I?) or Pinterest board (I don’t understand Pinterest), and most of the other less common social media routes I don’t yet see a need for.

I’m nervous.  So far, I haven’t pushed either site openly.  I like to think it’s because I want to put forth a finished product, but when I think about it, I know it’s trepidation holding me back.  To this point,  every single day this year I have gotten an email or message from someone who found this site.  And I haven’t even let anyone know it exists.   By casting a wider net I am sure to snare more eyeballs to this blog.  This means there are more people who will be able to hold me accountable; more people to sniff out BS if I make an excuse; and more people to hold my feet to the fire if I start to get lazy.  So of course I am scared.  That’s a lot of pressure.

Do you know what else it means- having more visibility?  It means more support.  It means more ideas.  But most importantly, it means more chances to see someone else inspired to make this year a better year than last.  That’s what this is about all about.


I started this with one follower, my wife, who is also my biggest cheerleader.  As of today, I have 4 blog followers via WordPress, 2 likes on FB and one follower on Twitter and zero feed subscribers.  If at the end of the year those numbers are the exact same, I will consider this a success, so long as one of those people is inspired to kick their own life into high gear along the way.

All I ask from you is this:  Make this YOUR year, too.  Don’t leave me hanging all alone.  Let’s kick this puppy in the teeth and hammer ourselves out into better people.  Whether your goal is mental, physical, spiritual, musical, academic, workplace or something else, YOU CAN DO IT!   Just make it yours.  And if you feel like following along, sharing some love on Facebook or Twitter, all the better.

In the immortal words of a famous Nike campaign,


PS, let’s not really kick any puppies in the teeth.  I like dogs.


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