Day 16, Crouched at the Starting Line, Social Media Style

This won’t be a long update, mostly because I’ve been hard at work finalizing the other aspects to this online exposure of my 2013 soul for you.  I’m almost done with the Twitter page, the Facebook page, and several other updates I will release tomorrow.  Consequently, I haven’t had much time to write a lengthy update.  Besides, there hasn’t been much happening worth reporting aside from what has become the ordinary:  running (another mile tonight), light work outs (pushups, chinups and wall sits now), reading (should finish Captivating tonight) and finishing my full list of goals, including deciding on the rest of the books I will read this year, the 12 dishes I will master, the movies I will see, etc…

All of those will be posted tomorrow.

“I might be a work in progress, but every day I get a little bit wiser, a little bit better, a little bit stronger.”
author unknown

Of course, unless you’re one of the 10 or so people who have already begun following this blog, you won’t read this until after the fact.  And that’s ok.  I want you to know that nothing is perfect and that even from the start this blog, and I, are a work in progress.  Thanks for joining along.

As always:   This is my journal.  I hope it inspires you.  Make 2013 your year.


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