Detox, Day Two

Day two of the Detox Diet.  AKA, “Yes, I’m over halfway done!”

I make it sound worse than it is.  It’s really not that bad.  Aside from the grassy-flavored breakfast drink the meals are fairly satisfying and flavored.  Not at all what I expected, which was cardboard, bark and algae.

Really, who doesn’t want to gulp down spirulina shakes every morning? (Courtesy

I have noticed several changes already:

  1. I was more alert this morning, despite not drinking coffee and getting only 5ish hours of sleep.  I attribute this to the ginger-lemon drink and lack of crappy toxins floating in my system.
  2. My gut feels incredible.  I’ve never been a terrible eater and I’ve always been in pretty good shape, but I had no idea how much ick I carried around in my intestines.
  3. I have had a slight case of the chills.  Because the foods we’re eating are not high-energy drinks, I’ve struggled to stay warm in this cold Wisconsin winter weather.

All-in-all, I’d recommend this detox to anyone looking to do a short cleanse that doesn’t require starving yourself.  And I would recommend it during the summer.

Aside from that, other goal updates include:  I knocked out about 50 pages of Captivating today in between surgeries, bringing me closer to two books finished.  And a good friend loaned me his copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People, so that will be next.

I’m keeping the workouts minimal during these three days of detox because of the lack of energy, I don’t want to wear myself out.  So tonight will see only 50 pushups and 4:00 of wall sits, again.

Finally, tomorrow I’m starting my first of 52 people who need to know they matter.

Thanks for checking in.

As always: This is my journal.  I hope it inspires you.  Make 2013 your year.


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