Prep Yourself

Today marks day two of this journey. Compared to yesterday’s “fun”, it was extremely benign. In addition to working out – again, a goal I intend to do every day – I began my running with a half mile on the treadmill. Began it with an 8-minute mile pace, barefoot. Yes, you read that right: barefoot. Methinks I shall have shin splints tomorrow.

I also began prepping for another of the 12 “skills” I want to acquire: bird watching. I bought the Audubon Society Guide to North American Birds to complement the Backyard Birder’s Bible we received for Christmas. We have three small feeders off the back patio, and currently get visits from a half dozen different types of birds…I want to know what they are.


Finally, I’m nearly finished with the first of the 24 books I will read this year. I kicked off the year with a quick little fiction book from Glenn Beck entitled Agenda 21. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to read only right wing literature). An easy read, it appealed to me because I enjoy dystopic future and/or apocalyptic tales. If you can’t stand Beck’s politics, you probably won’t care at all about this one. If you don’t mind his politics, think of it as a cross between The Hunger Games and 1984. Easy to read like Hunger with a young female protagonist, oppressive all-seeing tyrannical state like 84, it’s clearly written as an introduction to what will be more stories in the series.


Next up on the book list is one from my non-fiction list: Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. The subtitle is “Unveiling the mystery of a Woman’s soul”. Apropos, considering I’m married to a woman and trying hard to raise two little ladies.

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