New Year’s Day, or How I Learned to Love the Water

Polar Plunge


I decided to start 2013 with an easily achievable goal. I likely would have done this regardless of whether or not I was doing the #betterin365 challenge. However, it was still on my list, and there was a point late in the countdown where I thought it would be easiest to just not jump. Yet jump I did, so I have started the year off on a successful note!

A polar plunge was one of the physical goals I had set for the year. These goals are tests of my physical stamina, strength, determination, fitness and guts…goals that exist to push me further than I have pushed myself before.

Yes, jumping into freezing water may not be the most physically demanding challenge, but it required a lot of mental determination and wasn’t easy on the body. I was shivering prior to the jump just thinking about what I was going to do. Stripping down to my swimming suit in 8 degree Fahrenheit temperatures was daunting. But once the crowd started cheering as the jumpers made their way into the water, adrenaline took over and I plummeted, feet first, off the side of the river bank into the awaiting icy bath.


Your goals for 2013 might not have started off so easy (5 minutes and I was done) or so challenging (not everyone jumps into ice cold water), but I hope you began the year off on the good foot, none-the-less.

Check in with the BetterIn365 Facebook page, or tweet along on Twitter with #betterin365. Together, you and I can make this our best year ever.


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