52 People Who Matter to Me


I hate to hear someone lament “I wish I had told him (or her) how much they meant to me while I had the chance”. We never know when the last time might be that we can tell people that they matter or have made an impact in our life. I have decided that, amongst my goals for this year, I want to begin telling people how they matter to me, in the process letting them know they’ve impacted my life positively.

This list includes family and friends, coworkers and peers, folks who are in my life for the long run, and people who have simply passed through briefly but affected me immensely. Aside from the first few people, the list will not be ordered in importance. Some of these people I will name, some I will only describe, but each will be delivered a link to my post about them to let them know that they matter.

I encourage you to let your loved ones know they are loved, to let your friends know they matter, and to never let the opportunity pass to let someone know they are appreciated.

The list


4 thoughts on “52 People Who Matter to Me

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